Elevated Stadium Bleachers

Aluminum Stadium Bleachers | Elevated Bleachers

You’ve spent weeks preparing your football field for the big game. Fans are starting to file in and you realize that the patrons seated on the first row are only able to see the back of the championship team! Stadium bleachers are an elevated seating system that provides better viewing for your spectators, solving this problem. Equipping your new sports seating will include aisles, guard rails, handicap ramps, and more. Grand Stand seating usually requires a customized design. Call us and we will get our engineers building you exactly the aluminum bleachers to fit your sports arena. We provide installation services if needed.

When seated on the first row of these bleachers, your feet are at the height of the elevated walkway. Stadium seating systems come with a standard elevation of 36” but can be customized to fit your specific needs. These outdoor seating systems are available with or without ADA seating, and are manufactured with a galvanized steel frame providing protection and longevity.

Elevated Bleachers




2" x 10" Foot Planks

With aisles

10 or 15

55'6" to 61'6"

316-531 ppl

(2) w/ riser plank on all rows

With aisles (ADA)

10 or 15

55'6" to 61'6"

284-495 ppl

(2) w/ riser plank on all rows

*ADA models also include 5 to 6 wheelchair accessible seats.

When ordering bleachers we advise you to check your local requirements for such things as aisles, guardrails, ADA, or other conditions. Check your local building codes before purchasing, and request our Bleacher Safety Guide to ensure your seating is 100% safe.

Call and let our friendly sales staff help you choose the perfect Elevated Stadium Bleacher!