Hot Coal and Ash Bins

Hot Coal & Ash Receptacles

Prevent Fires at Campgrounds and Picnic Areas

Concrete Hot Ash Receptacle-Receptacles

Concrete Hot Coal & Ash Bin

Hot Coal Bin-Receptacles

Steel Hot Coal & Ash Bin


Hot Coal Bins or Ash Bins keep campsites clean and green

Parks and Campgrounds that provide a fireproof receptacle for ashes and burning coals look a lot nicer than their dirty counterparts. In addition, this is a very safe way to dispose of burning coals and prevent forest fires. If you want to attract more and more visitors and guests to your outdoor picnic areas, this is a beneficial accessory.

ParknPool offers two types of hot coal bins:

  • Powder coated steel construction with steel grate top.
  • Concrete receptacle with steel grate top.
Steel grates are across the tops to prevent the deposit of trash and other combustibles.

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