Park & Campground Grills

Santa Barbara Pedestal Grill

The US Park Service Favorite

Non-Removable Grate

Santa Barbara Pedestal Grill-Grills

Black Enamel Finish

Santa Barbara Pedestal Grill-Grills

Hot Dipped Galvanized


Santa Fe Pedestal Grill

Flip-Up Grate for Easy Clean Out

Non-Removable Grate

Santa Fe Pedestal Grill-Grills

Black Enamel Finish

Santa Fe Pedestal Grill-Grills

Hot Dipped Galvanized


Conestoga Covered Charcoal Grill

Grill and Smoker Combination

Industrial Strength for Public Use

Covered Charcoal Grill-Grills

320 Sq. In. Cooking Area

Covered Charcoal Grill-Grills

500 Sq. In. Cooking Area


Group Grills for Clubs and Groups of People

Heavy Duty 3/16" Thick Steel Construction

Non-Removable Grates

Firehouse Group Grill-Grills

Firehouse Grill - Two Hinged Grates for a Total of 1368 sq. in. (Shown w/ Optional Shelf)

Ocean Bay Group Grill with One Adjustable 4-Position Cooking Grate and Two Galvanized Pedestals-Grills

Ocean Bay Group Grill - Adjustable Single Grate, 860

Santa Barbara Group Grill-Grills

Santa Barbara Group Grill - 2 Adjustable Grates for a Total of 1008 sq. in.


Hot Coal & Ash Receptacles

Prevent Fires at Campgrounds and Picnic Areas

Concrete Hot Ash Receptacle-Receptacles

Concrete Hot Coal & Ash Bin

Hot Coal Bin-Receptacles

Steel Hot Coal & Ash Bin


Park and Campground Grills

Pedestal grills are ideal for campsites, picnic areas, pavilions and other outdoor facilities where grilling is common. The heavy-duty construction of these pedestal grills ensures they will last long past the thousands of burgers and hotdogs that will sizzle on their cooking surface!
Be sure to add in an essential utility shelf to hold your condiments and utensils.

The covered-top smoker grills help contain sparks on windy days while the 360 degree rotation assists in controlling smoke and heat. These heavy-duty pedestal charcoal grills come in two sizes and are packed with steel, giving them long-lasting life. All of our pedestal grills are time tested to perform year after year in campgrounds and picnic areas!

Group grills provide more cooking surface than regular sized park grills, allowing for larger parties to eat all at the same time! The indestructibility of these group grills will satisfy your needs for durability and safe usage, while feeding all your guests at once. These group grills have several grates to allow different heating temperatures, making it easy to cook a variety of food types at the same time, and several of our models have a built-in steel utility shelf to provide a convenient work space for a grill master!

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