ParknPool Furnishings

Recycled Plastic Bike Rack

100% Recycled Plastic - All American Made

Bike Rack

6 Slots or 10 Slots

Starting at $520.95

ParknPool Furnishings from Jayhawk Plastics Inc represents a commitment to manufacturing quality, eco-durable site furnishings that are friendly to our world.

Benefits of Frog's Recycled Plastic

  • Environmentally Friendly - ParknPool Furnishings are good for the environment. Recycled plastic save trees and reduces landfill usage. Many forms of post consumer waste, such as plastic milk jugs, are the main ingredients in our eco-durable, lang lasting Recycled Plastic Material.
  • Maintenance-Free - Recycled Plastic Material does net need to be sealed, painted or stained and cannot rot. Proprietary coloring process seals in color and is uniform throughout the material. Unique UV Protection Phase ensures the beauty of the plastic well beyond wood, metal or expanded steel.
  • Vandal Resistant - Paint will not bond to the surface and can be easily removed with sand paper or automotive paint thinner.
  • The Future - Recycled Plastic Products are becoming the way of the future. Today's demand for Recycled Plastic Site Furnishings is on the rise. Adding ParknPool Furnishings to your park, business or project lets your community know you are taking steps to help preserve our earth's resources.

Frog Furnishings

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  • Page 2 - Benches - Park benches and garden benches, with back and without.
  • Page 3 - Trash Receptacles - Round and square trash receptacles; recycling centers; lids, liners and mounts.
  • Page 4 - Oceanside Collection - Adirondack chair, lifeguard chairs, chaise lounge and more.
  • Page 5 - Message Centers - Small, medium and large; with hinged doors and without.
  • Page 6 - Bike Rack