Commercial Concrete Planters

Aurora Series 36 In. Concrete Planter-Planters

Rectangular Aurora
Concrete Planter

Aurora Series 24 In. Round Concrete Planter-Planters

Round Aurora
Concrete Planter

Aurora Series 24 In. Concrete Planter-Planters

Square Aurora
Concrete Planter

Sedona Series 24 In. Round Concrete Planter-Planters

Round Sedona
Concrete Planters

Calla Lilly Concrete Planter-Planters

Round Calla Lilly
Concrete Planter

12 In. Rectangular Concrete Planter-Planters

Square P Series
Concrete Planters

33 In. Rectangular Concrete Planter-Planters

Rectangular P Series
Concrete Planters

24 In. Round Concrete Planter-Planters

Round RP Series
Concrete Planter

36 In. Square Concrete Planter-Planters

Square SP Series
Concrete Planters

SQP Series 48x36 Square Concrete Planter

Square SQP Series
Concrete Planters


Steel Reinforced Concrete Planters

By choosing concrete planters for your outdoor or indoor area, you will enhance your space, while also creating a traffic barrier for busy areas. The rugged steel reinforced construction of these planters provides maximum durability along with minimum maintenance. The concrete and stone mixture provides a natural look that blends beautifully with any environment! 

With a variety of color and texture options, there is no doubt you will find the planter to accentuate your facilities perfectly.  The high compressive concrete is reinforced with steel for maximum fortitude and because it’s concrete, they are naturally easy to maintain and will effortlessly complement your indoor or outdoor locations.

These concrete planters are heavy, so use care when unloading. Don't underestimate their weight!

Call and let our sales staff help you choose the perfect concrete planter!