Rivendale Rectangular Portable Table

Frame with Powder Coat Finish, Top and Seats with Standard Thermoplastic Coating

Rivendale Rectangular Portable Table
Model 10TA-013R
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Style (req)
Expanded Metal

Length (req)
4 Foot Long

Frame Color (req)

Coating Color (req)

Item Weight: 174 lbs.
Item Price: $771.95
Order Quantity (items):
3/4" #9 Expanded Metal, 3/4" x 2" Angle Iron Outer Frame, 1-1/2" x 1/4" Flat Steel Inside Bracing, 2-3/8" Round Galvanized Tubing Frame, 2" x 2" Angle Iron Frame Bracing, 1" Round Tubing Cross Braces

Item Weight: 174 lbs.

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