24" Premium Aluminum Shell Umbrella Base with Wheels

Concrete Filled, Stainless Steel Stem, Table Use or Freestanding, Matte Silver Finish

24" Premium Aluminum Shell Umbrella Base with Wheels
Umbrella base with 18" stem for freestanding umbrella.
Model 78UB-006
Select Your Options
Stem Height (req)
12" for Freestanding (17" Overall)

Umbrella Pole Dia. (req)
For 1-1/2" Umbrella Pole

Item Weight: 100 lbs.
Item Price: $367.95
Order Quantity (items):
(Minimum Order: 2)

Premium Aluminum Shell Umbrella Stand
  • Powder Coated "Silver Mist" Aluminum Shell.
  • Filled with 75 lbs. of Concrete and incorporates a 25 lb. stainless steel ring for extra weight (100 lbs. Total).
  • Stainless Steel Stem with two umbrella anchoring screws.
  • Choose 8" Under Table or 18" Freestanding Stem Height (13" or 17" overall height respectively).
  • Choose Stem Diameter for 1-1/2" Umbrella Pole or 2" Umbrella Pole.
  • Nylon Wheels for easy mobility.
  • Non-Rusting materials for stain-free pool decks.
24" Dia. X 4" H, 8" or 18" H x 1-1/2" or 2" Dia. Stem

Item Weight: 100 lbs.

Please call for detailed specifications.

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