Refrigerated Pedestal Drinking Fountain

Double Bubbler, one centered on top, one handicap accessible mounted on side

Refrigerated Pedestal Drinking Fountain
Model 35DF-00033
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Item Weight: 280 lbs.
Item Price: $4,576.95
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Chilled Pedestal Drinking Fountain
Double Bubbler:
- One ADA Bubbler is attached on 20" side arm, 36 " above grade.
- Second Bubbler is located in the center top of the drinking fountain body.
  • Handicap accessible.
  • Polyester Powder Coated steel pipe base.
  • Standard Color: Woodland Green, Optional Colors Available.
  • Delivers 8.0 GPH of Chilled Water.
  • Chrome plated brass bubblers.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls.
  • Use 35AC-00022 embedded mounting plate for leveling and additional security.
Made in USA
18 inch diameter body with 22-1/2 inch base plate, 40 inches high, Double Bubbler, One Bubbler is on arm protuding 20 inches from body of the drinking fountain. Bubbler height is 36 inches. Second Bubbler is located in the top center of the drinking fountain body.

Item Weight: 280 lbs.

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