Square Aggregate Pedestal Drinking Fountain - Barrier Free

Triple bubblers, One on 18 inch arm (ADA), One on child height arm, One centered on pedestal, Light Etched Concrete Aggregate, Standard Plumbing

Square Aggregate Pedestal Drinking Fountain - Barrier Free
Model 35DF-00084
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Quiet Creek

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Item Weight: 360 lbs.
Item Price: $3,146.95
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Drinking Fountains, 12 inch Square Concrete Aggregate Pedestal, Three Bubblers, One on Barrier Free Arm (Conforms to ADA), One on Child Height Arm, One centered on Pedestal
Standard Plumbing Design (unprotected from freezing) - Easy Drain Down
Light Etched Concrete Texture - Smoother than Medium Etched.
  • Two Colors of Concrete:
    • Colorama has dark shades of pebbles
    • Quiet Creek has light shades of pebbles
  • Light Etched or Medium Etched - Two Textures that allow the pebbles to show.
  • The aggregate surface is double sealed. First with a penetrating sealer and then a protective spectrum polymer coating.
  • Surface Mount on 15 inch square flange base.
  • OPTIONAL Use 35AC-00004 Surface Mounting Plate for permanent level installation.
  • OPTIONAL Frost Proof Design keeps supply lines and connections below frost line.
  • OPTIONAL Sanifrost Design is frost proof and prevents cross contamination with ground water:
    • Ideal for high water table or inadequate site drainage.
    • Sanitary, will not allow stored water to re-enter the bubbler.
    • Prevents cross contamination of supply water with ground water.
  • Push button valve, centered on vandal resistant stainless steel access plate.
  • Chrome plated bubbler with stainless steel bowl.
  • Adjustable flow regulation.
  • Supply complete with 1/2 inch IPS lock shield screwdriver stop.
  • 1-1/4 inch IPS waste.
  • In-line mesh screen strainer.
Made in USA
12 inch square pedestal x 48 inches long (two 18" arms) x 40 inches high, 15 inch square base

Item Weight: 360 lbs.

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