WoodCarpet System 11

Engineered Wood Fiber, 100% Fresh-Grade Wood Fiber Compostition (No Chemical Treatment of Additives), Resilient/Drainage Pad (100% Thermally-Fused, Closed-Cell Polyethyleen Foam Nuggets

WoodCarpet System 11
Model 89WD-00002
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The most cost-efficient safety surface for playgrounds.

WoodCarpet is made from fresh-grade wood and contains no waste wood such as pallets that could contain nails, spilled chemicals, paint or wood preservatives. WoodCarpet is naturally pervious and its installation specification ensures that critical fall protection exceeds safety standards.

  • Excellent traction and grip characteristics
  • Deep shock absorption for safer play
  • Fast drainage to avoid water pooling
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • ADA compliant (with proper installation and maintenance)
  • Use soil or sand sub-base
  • Maintenance - raking and occasional topping off

Material (WoodCarpet): 100% fresh-grade wood fiber composition (no chemical treatments or additives).
Material (pad): 100% fthermally-fused, closed-cell polyethylene foam and geotextile fabric liner.
Source (WoodCarpet): Extracted, processed and manufactured within installation's region.
Impact Rating: IPEMA certified for 12' (with 10" EWF over pad).
Sub-Base: Soil, sand or asphalt (asphalt requires 12" of WoodCarpet and WoodCarpet mats).
Maintenance: Raking and occasional topping off of the WoodCarpet.
Warranty: WoodCarpet with pad meets ASTM F1292 for 20 years (must be installed and maintained per specifications).

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