RecBase Indoor Carpet Play Area Surface

Safe, Durable, Comforatble, 100% BCF Olefin Cut Pile

RecBase Indoor Carpet Play Area Surface
Model 89RB-00001
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A natural-looking, safe and super durable play surface with no messy infill.

RecBase Synthetic Grass is available in two pile heights - rolled out over RecBase Resilient/Drainage Pad for critical fall protection. Both have excellent wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience. The special thatch-fiber root zone in the high-pile systems holds fibers upright and in place under heavy use, eliminating the need for messy infill. The pervious system can be used outdoors or indoors. Cleanup is a snap with a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or water hose.


Material: 100% BCF Olefin cut pile.
Size:: 12' wide rolls.
Impact Rating: 2' (.75" resilient pad over hard surface).
Installation: Certified installation requied.
Warranty: Meets ASTM F1292 for 3 years. 3-year prorated warranty for carpet (must be installed and maintained per specifications).

Please call for detailed specifications.

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