TuffMat Resilient Wear Zero-Fill Mat

Zero-Fill, Heavy Duty Foam, ADA Compliant

TuffMat Resilient Wear Zero-Fill Mat
Model 89TM-00001
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No more unsightly holes, messy puddles or costly maintenance headaches.

Any wood fiber "kicks out" during normal use, and it's usually at those places where high traffic occurs and impact attenuation is needed most: under and at entrance and exit points of play equipment. Eliminate that problem by installing TuffMat Resilient Wear Mats. The Surface Mat's beveled edges, unique concave shape and fastening mechanism keep the mat in place and WoodCarpet underneath for required safety ratings and ADA compliance. Zero-Fill Mats provide the impact absorption needed, and require zero fill under or above the mat, resulting in no maintenance.


Material: Various types of heavy duty foam.
Size (Universal):: 42" x 60" x 11" (surface area 30" x 48").
Size (Swing Bay):: 60" x 102" x 11" (surface area 48" x 90").
Size (Spinner or Tire Swing):: 84" x 84" x 11" (surface area 72" x 72").
Impact Rating: Rated for 8'.
Accessibility: ADA Compliant.
Warranty: 5-year warranty (must be installed and maintained per specifications).

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