Speedy Bleacher - 9 Row

Park It! Unfold It! Use It! All-Weather Construction of Galvanized Steel and Aluminum, Highway Towable Elevated Folding Stage, With or Without Center Aisle

Speedy Bleacher - 9 Row
Model 12BL-77509
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Row Length (req)
30' Long

Ailse Configuration (req)

Item Weight: 9480 lbs.
Item Price: $44,341.95
Order Quantity (items):
180 Seating Capacity, 140,000# Static Jack Load Capacity, 17'4" W, 31'6" L, 30' Row Length,102" Tow Width, 35'1" Tow Length, 10'9" Tow Height

Item Weight: 9480 lbs.

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