Circle Style Bike Rack

4 Spaces, Single-Sided, 5' Long

Circle Style Bike Rack
Model 12BR-00021
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Length (req) 5 Ft

Galvanized Frame (req) Galvanized

Item Weight: 66 lbs.
Item Price: $334.95
Order Quantity (items):
Parks 4 Bikes. The Circle Style Bike Rack has a clean modern design that does not allow leaves and debris to collect around it. Circular wheel stalls are fabricated of 5/8" O.D. tubular frame which is mounted approximately 12" high. This unit is hot-dip galvanized for lasting appearance. Available with single-side load for placement next to buildings, or double-sided for placement in open areas.

In-ground mounting option also available.
Made in USA

Dimensions: 60 x 15 x 18 Weight: 66 lbs.

Adobe Specifications & Assembly Instructions
Circle Style Bike Rack-Bike Racks
Circle Style Bike Rack-Bike Racks
Circle Style Bike Rack-Bike Racks

Warranty Terms: Manufacturer warrants all products are guaranteed to be free from all defects in materials and workmanship (except labor and transportation) for one (1) year. This warranty does not cover vandalism; damage caused by improper installation, assembly or use; appearance due to weathering, or marring caused by normal use and acts of God.

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