Fire Ring with Flip-Up Cooking Grate

9" High, 300 Sq. In. Cooking Area, Spade Anchor Stakes, 30" Diameter Ring, Painted with A Non-Toxic, Heat And Rust-Resistant Black Enamel., 3/16" Steel Has A 1" Formed Flange Around The Top For Extra Rigidity.

Fire Ring with Flip-Up Cooking Grate
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Model 12FR-00005
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Spade Anchor Stakes

Item Weight: 88 lbs.
Item Price: $210.95
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This fire ring is 9" high and the 30" diameter ring is 3/16" thick steel and has a 1" formed flange around the top for extra rigidity. 15" x 20" grate offers 300 sq. inches cooking space and is 1/2" steel rods welded on 1" centers. Easy flip-up grate has cool spring handles. Fire ring is painted with a non-toxic, heat and rust resistant black enamel and has three spade anchor stakes for stationary mount.
Made in USA
9" High, 300 Sq. In. Cooking Area

Item Weight: 88 lbs.

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