Game, Set, Match! The game of tennis is thousands of years old and was first created as a sport to be played in the backyard. While the rules of tennis have not changed much since the 1890s, the equipment definitely has! Make sure your public park, school or university’s tennis courts are equipped with the latest in quality tennis equipment!

Round Competition and Square Championship Posts: These tennis posts are an excellent choice for competition or recreational matches due to the attractive design and superior strength.
External Ratchet Posts: These external tennis posts provide a budget-friendly alternative to classic-style posts.The unit is protected from harsh weather by the powder-coated green finish.

* Nets are not included with either of the above post options. Choose from our long lasting, premium tennis nets, constructed of high quality braided polyethylene with a heavy-duty vinyl coated headband to increase their strength. Additional tennis accessories are also available. *

Once you have chosen the tennis equipment and accessories that best fit your needs, don’t forget to browse the rest of our site for additional items to help complete the look of your recreational area.

Call and let our sales staff help you choose the perfect tennis equipment and accessories!

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