The time-honored tradition of tetherball can still be seen in community parks and school playgrounds. Keep this child-hood game going strong by placing one of these affordable and durable tetherball systems in your recreational area.

In-ground Tetherball System: An affordable yet durable outdoor system that will keep kids busy for hours.
Sleeve-type Tetherball System: A semi-permanent outdoor unit with ball and nylon rope. This system includes a tetherball ground sleeve for proper installation.
Portable Tetherball System: Allows for easy transport and is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

*All of the above tetherball system options include one post with base, ball and nylon rope. Additional accessories such as ground sleeves and replacement tetherballs with nylon rope are also available*

Once you have chosen the tetherball equipment and accessories that best fit your needs, don’t forget to browse the rest of our site for additional items to help complete the look of your recreational area.

Call and let our sporty sales staff help you choose the perfect tetherball equipment and accessories for your facility!

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