Outdoor Ashtrays

Smokers Outpost Trash and Ash Combinations

Made From High Density Polyethylene

Economical and Easy to Clean

Smokers' Outpost Outdoor Ashtray, Beige 711302

Smokers Outpost Outdoor Ashtray


Littermate - 30 gallon Receptacle

Site Saver Outdoor Ashtray, Beige 710302

Site Save Outdoor Ashtray

Starting at $71.95
Site Saver Combination, Includes Site Saver Outpost and Receptacle, Color: Sand Granite (Beige), 19 lbs., Includes Site Saver Outdoor Ashtray and Waste Receptacle, Beige 515202

Site Saver Combo

Patio Smokers Ft. Outpost-Ash Receptacles

Patio Seated Outdoor Ashtray


Classico Metal Smoker Receptacle, Black 710801

Classico Metal Smoker Receptacle

Starting at $295.95
Round Concrete Snuffer-Ash Receptacles


Starting at $226.95
Square Concrete Cigarette Snuffer-Ash Receptacles



Hot Coal & Ash Receptacles

Prevent Fires at Campgrounds and Picnic Areas

Concrete Hot Ash Receptacle-Receptacles

Concrete Hot Coal & Ash Bin

Hot Coal Bin-Receptacles

Steel Hot Coal & Ash Bin

Tired of cigarette butts all over the ground? Enhance your image with a fire-safe, attractive Smokers' Ash Urn. Convey a message to smokers that you expect them to dispose of their butts in a clean, safe way.

Placing one of these smokers ash urns in your recreational area will provide your guests with a safe and easy way to dispose of their cigarette butts.

No need for sand or water with these smokers waste containers, their patented oxygen-restricting design extinguishes cigarettes quickly. These smokers stations are available in several metal and polyethylene styles that will not discolor your decks or sidewalks while eliminating fire hazards.

The simple yet attractive design of smokers ash urns will not only enhance the image of your area but will also help to keep it clean!

Saving money and time will be easy with these ash urns - requiring little clean up by your maintenance staff!

Call and let our litter conscious sales staff help you choose smoker ash urns for your facility.